Charlotte Crosby's 'saggy' breasts go viral!

Date: 3/18/2017

By amandalyle

I was watching a viral video of Charlotte Crosby on holiday with Bear. She was riding a bike topless and she really saggy breast that kept swinging from side to side. "All that surgery and she didn't get her breasts done?!" I thought. Next scene; I wanted to get started on my garden. A few people had come over to help, but I need my mum's expertise. I told her to come over in half an hour, but I had forgotten that I had this stupid wedding to attend. It was Alfie and Holly's wedding (from hollyoaks) I didn't even really know them. I walked up a flight of stairs with this guy called Andy who I did my counselling course with, he said he was going to Chaplins later and asked me whether I needed a plastic bin. I said "I think I have one, but can you pick me one up just in case!" At the top of the stairs, the wedding ceremony began. "Here comes the bride" started to play and everyone was singing in mocking voices. I choose not to sing at all, because I was in a grump and just wanted to get back to my gardening. Afterwards, I came downstairs to find that my garden has been transformed into some weird and very trippy Alice and wonderland with giant Venus fly catchers and flowers I didn't even know existed. "This isn't what I had in mind!" I thought, but I was grateful that everyone was helping. Finally, my mum arrived with a bag of dirt and I poured it over a patchy flowerbed. Next scene; I was in a nightclub, dancing solo, when a familiar face came over and she started playing with my hair. "Do you want me to braid your hair?" She asks, but before I could say "hell no!" she was already doing it. As soon as she did it, I shook my head and it all came undone. She walked off into the crowd and I debated whether to follow her or not. I choose not to. Next scene; My father-in-law had kidnapped my son, Maxi, but I saw them together outside a toy shop window. He was teaching him maths on an abacus. I didn't want to talk to my father in law, but at least knew Maxi was safe... so I snuck passed unnoticed, only he did notice, and he started following me. "Go away!" I silently thought.