Date: 4/6/2017

By deepa

320: waited with geo for a cab to go home and maybe the next day we are walking round town or some shit and there is lucille at some part in some suprmarket trying to have sex discreetly omggg idk.. and another part where im having a lesson but i wanna charge my phone thats dying which is at 8percent i remember.. but literally every plugpoint outside is overloaded by tons of people like TONS ive never seen uni like that and im walking over so much shit like ppl r refugees i have no idea.. 9am: ok a lomg story about mw helpingsomeone take care of her house and her house is open to a lot of the outside and at some point animals stray in but like two cats fighting so theyre cute and then feom inside a room i see a scary dog coming in "scary" as in it was big so i was scared and i try and position the doors such that it cant come in but for some reason the doors dont close fully so badically it ends up inside and at some point someones there with me too idk who..and we have a twnnis ball and we interact with the dog for a fracrion of a min and then i drive it to the window with the ball and we are at some second storey window and i throw the ball out and im at this point actually fighting the dog..likw its strong and trying to bite me and so i kinda throw the ball out and push him out..im so cruel and it falls out but manages to land on its foot and me and my friend watxh it run off in the distance for the ball but then i notice its limpimg and i feel so bad... but there was an alternate scenario idk how...but we are back at the window and im fighting it but i somehow throw the ball out at the same time i pusj it out and this somehow works better cus he willingly sort of jumps out and doesnt even hurt himself so...yea fuck me. another dream had to do with a marathon? i think bryon was there and highfived me.. and in a classroom sort of thing..there were lot.of ppl and it was dark outside...cant remember and im walking home and i take the longest route for no reason