Trying to get my house back

Date: 4/20/2017

By KayDeeKay

Had another dream about Axl. He was living in the house I bought and I went and bought another house to live in. I wanted to see him again but I knew it was a bad idea, I was doing everything in my power to avoid him but I caved and went to the house . He wasn't home but a friend shows up and we start taking a walk down to the lake behind the house (in real life I don't own two houses). But she tries to give me advice about moving on. I was scared to find out if he had another girlfriend, I miss him. My excuse was that I wanted to take my house back , but in reality I knew I couldn't live in there again...too many memories. I'm sick of these dreams. I fell asleep eventually in my dream and had a dream about him...where we were happy again. I'm miserable right now, I wish he was back.