The One Where Spielberg Approves

Date: 5/16/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m in what’s supposed to be some sort of classroom with what’s the supposed to be the youth group. Josh is at the front of the room and makes some sort of joke, to which one of the girls responds by jumping up and telling him off (saying he’s not funny and that he’s not good at his job, etc.) to which I initially laugh. When I see that Josh is actually very upset by this, I try to comfort him. I realize that there are potted succulents that have been smashed all over the place. Somehow, I come to the conclusion that Josh thinks he’s bad at his job because he couldn’t keep all the succulents alive. He starts crying and locks himself in his office. In an attempt to make him feel better, I go to the candy store directly next door to find something for him. At first, I look at brownies and chocolate-covered pretzels, but then I remember him telling my dad that he loves Sugar Babies and, “used to down a whole box of them in one sitting” (not in real life) ... I randomly end up at a lake with Ashlee, Logan Harris (from my Jefferson-Jackson college class) and my mom. I feel oddly disconnected from this when it all fades away and I realize that I’ve been in some sort of virtual reality show. I’m sitting at a table in some sort of meeting about it. Steven Spielberg is standing next to me. He smiles and asks me what I think. I tell him that I think I only thought it was funny because I knew the people in it in real life. He nods his head and smiles again, and I know that he approves of my answer ... Suddenly, I’m looking at Hamlet’s very clean fish tank (I find this odd because, in real life, Hamlet’s tank is always dirty) and I see little white fibers floating around. I realize that Hamlet must actually be a female and that these are baby fish. They begin to look like tiny fish instead of pieces of lint, and I think about what I’m going to do with all of them.