Disgusting Toilets and a Dodgy Bar 😳

Date: 7/26/2017

By amandalyle

I was at this massive music festival with a group of different people. Some I knew, others I didn't . There was this young girl with fashionable white hair and she was telling us about this hidden talent she had in which she could transform herself into the moon. We all laughed in disbelief that she was able to do such a thing, but our smiles soon fades when she disappeared out of thin air and the moon appeared in the dark sky. "But how does she turn back?" I wondered. A few seconds later, she reemerges in human form and we all clap in amazement. Next scene; I had taken the kids to the beach with my friend kylie and her daughter, Ava. My son Alex really needed the toilet, as did I . We walked over to the this toy shop, apparently this was the only place which had toilets and we had to pay 20p for the privilege. I only had 15p but was so desperate, the toilet attendant took pity on me. In order to get to the toilet we had to climb up a huge tube. When we reached them, the toilets were over flowing and gross. There was shit and urine everywhere and I couldn't bring myself to use any of the toilets. My son took himself off to the urinal. "It's alright for boys!" I thought. When kylie and I returned back to her house later on that day, she asked me to help her with the new tv she had ordered. It was a vintage 1940's styled box with poor sound. "Why did you buy this?" I asked "I thought it goes nicely with my decor!" She replied. I looked around and everything was now looking very old fashioned. I said bye and told her I'd see her tomorrow. When I got back to my own house, there were lots of people walking around, chatting shit and taking drugs. I had no plans of throwing a party, so I was rather surprised. A part of me wanted to party with them but the other part wanted to tell them all to piss off. In the end, I poured myself a drink and joined them. Why the heck not?! Next scene; I was contacted by a spiritualist who did readings and she had predicted a dream I would have which involved going to a new bar with friends which encourages all males to urinate on the floor. In this dream, we were absolutely appalled and couldn't believe how many men actually took liberty in actually doing so, despite us sat around trying to enjoy a drink. I recognised one of the urinating. A guy I once had sex with. He was completely naked, unlike the other men and he was playing with his balls as he pissed. I remember thinking what a strange sight this was. I later contacted the psychic and told her that she had predicted my dream correctly. Despite the gross content of this dream, I was amazed that she had predicted exactly what had happened. I wasn't expecting an email back, but I just wanted to tell her how amazed I was by her talent.