"You'll Cut Your Vagina in Half!"

Date: 7/6/2017

By amandalyle

I had turned up to a counselling session but was surprised to find it was a lesson. My counsellor was also a teacher and he was just finishing up his class. One of his students - a young boy - told me that I looked beautiful and I didn't know whether to blush or feel mortified. My counsellor was teaching construction and I was wondering if I'd get my money back for the delay. This lesson was boring as shit. Next scene; I was at this social event and Charlotte from Big brother was there. She was pregnant but her baby was possessed by a demon. She had shown us a documentary about it and it was pretty scary; lots of blood and gore! Every time she wanted the toilet, I'd have to go with her because she was too afraid to be alone at any time. I asked her why and she said it was incase she gives birth to the devil child. I was scared too. 😳 Next scene; An old blogger friend had made me a beautiful card - a little over the top, admittedly, but wonderfully thoughtful. As he did so, my friend Kylie was doing the splits over two sofas. "You'll cut your vagina in half! " I warned her. "I'm the sofa splits pro!" She replied. Next scene; We were talking about the party we had the other night and kylie told me I had try to kiss her gay brother. I was mortified. "Don't worry, he didn't kiss you back!" She said. "He's in love with his husband!" My heart sunk a little. I always had a thing for Tom.