The One With the Reddi Wip

Date: 9/24/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m driving to work, singing as loudly as I can. I’m waiting at a four-way intersection. The light turns green, but I realize that there are cones and construction workers under it. Along with the people driving around me, I am redirected to take a right and go as far around as possible to get where I’m going. I end up getting out of my car and walking with Blake and Renee (who have materialized out of nowhere). I realize that I have a can of Reddi Wip in my hand and I start shooting it in my mouth. Some of it comes out weird and solid, but I keep doing it anyway. We cross a bridge, and I realize that this also leads to pretty much nowhere — it ends in a steep downward hill. Next to the bridge is a grassy area and a small basketball court where a few guys are playing. All the guys playing are really tan with dark hair. I remember that we’re in China. Renee and Blake tell me that they’re going to go join the game, and I’m taken aback because I’ve never seen either of them play basketball.