Burning down the house

Date: 3/7/2017

By TheNightmanCometh

I was doing a sort of yoga class in some offices. I remember that the emphasis was on stretching your back and I was having trouble and couldn't even turn a certain way it was very strange. Then my house and flooded due to some really bad rain and then for whatever reason my house caught on fire! The fire started in the lower level of the home and then traveled upstairs through the air ducts. I remember trying to put it out but that it didn't work. I was at an amusement park and I was on a ride that was pretty crazy. It was basically like one of the slingshot rides but then it started spinning around and we came out of our harnesses. I remember coming dangerously close to a bunch of other rides while we were swinging around. I also remember that I was driving around to a bunch of mansions. I don't remember why I was going to each house. I specifically remember that one of the homeowners had children that were home and they didn't like me much at all. One of the most vivid images that I have from this dream was standing on a staircase and looking up to see like 10 floors above and below me in the house. The last dream that I remember from the night was that I was in a gym and I was working out. The gym may have been in one of the mansions. I remember doing laps around a track then doing weightlifting. Random.