scariest dream

Date: 4/17/2017

By deepa

ok..damn so the idea of the dream is that ppl who didnt suffer back in their previous life(like being handicapped) is haunted n fucjed over by this demon/ghost/entity. so im in my tutors house idk what he/she teaches me but im there and im compelled to go to the basement to retrieve an old phone to make a call.. this part is strange cus the first time i dreamt it it was different from when i Just dreamt in again in order to recall ans backtrack the story. so in the first one im just going down and opening a rusty box and basically thats when shit goes down and i go back up and tell my teacher wwird shits happening n i leave. in the second version of kt the tutor was a man and im going down to get it but i call for him to come down also cus its fucking freaky and he brings his lady friend downstairs and the doors already being ghosty and theres a huge force holding it back.. anyway and then he points to some rly colourful leaat haunted box ever but its the same shit and the same thing happens. basically the next time i go over we both hear the scariest sounds but its almost as if im the only one being haunted yakno? weird shit only happens.for my tutor when im there and shes now a girl. she leaves me for a while and i die alone cus its so fucking creepy and its just terrifying scares i cant explain. im starting to slpwly use the story.but theres some in between bits with me and a class trip whwre the girls are changing their shorts in a car and the rest of the guys r outside except two loud n annoying ones and they shut up once we remove our pants. and then a scene witha. class photo and martins there even tho he isnt part of the gang and im out of the class photo while he is and it makes me sad? idk and then another diff class with some guy teasing and being annoying and a bus ride with jeraldine where im telling her we shud get mac breakfast soon and shes not so excited or keen on it. so the ghost part basically every other scene with it was fucking scary i know and the last part is basically me trying to end it. and for that i had to go back to the basement where it all began and im all alone in this abandonedish house and im running down as fast as i can. and this time the ghost or whatever shows itself its fucking ugly n terrifying and it physically fights n attacks me and ppurs buckets of acids.on me or just fuids idk but i remember bending back or breaking its teeth as hard as i could while ots basically biting inro me yakno? and its repeatedly telling me that i dont know what its like to be handicapped or less gifted cus im ungrateful right now and im just basically getting totally shat on by this demon and its fucking scary Just saying. thered a lot of inbetween parts that were terrifying when i remember ill get back. i made a mistake of not writing it as soon as i woke up. ok so the ending has smth to do with percentages.. ok idk anyway i just woke up again and in this one im on a car ride with derek n we meet another chick n somehow i accidentally burn some art work with a cigarette and this chicks shirt is also pretty much under attack by some invisible force of fire. and then thwres some rehearsal for some like bikini fighting or smth idk ww r getting the chick to take off her clothes? IDK and thwn the tutor who might be from the original dream proposes a bigger and massive dance crew to take down the demon? IDK but im part of it and she uses juice bottles to show positioning amd also rly bad drawing... i think at some point i dream of kylie jenner? wtf like something like shes drunk n her shoes r diff colours n the heels on it r So needle thin.. and as we make our way to the top theres some chick announcing shes pregnant and some other person standing in the background almost like she was an old character in this show and noone wants her anymore.. anyway the last dream i had was with geo and im on the phone with him and somehow am giving a blowjob thru the phone? and im thinking its good cus then the cum wont fly in my face tbis makes zero sense and i go on to fetch him to my house and i get to the shop to say hi and tell him.ill get him later and then i make my way home ans on the way to the lift i realise the place i live at is so diff with a fairprice only for the pool and a japanese store that only sells like a sauce or smth badically only useless complementary goods.. and i go.up and learn that my mother hasnt left and she says simce she worked extra hours on friday she was going in later today after cooking some indian bread and im happy and tell wait some time