One Step Closer to Batman

Date: 8/1/2017

By JourneyT

There was a killer on the loose who would stab people by the hundreds all at once. My mother was a victim of yesterday's massacre. I went to the sight of the stabbing with a (guy) friend, we noticed her wrists were stabbed fully through. The friend commented "wow, the killer really must have wanted this one gone." I agreed. The first thing that came to my head was "at least I'm one step closer to Batman." This was because he lost both parents, a few years ago I lost my father to cancer in real life and mom being gone would make me parent less. That's how most superheroes start... Also when I was being asked how I felt about my Mom's death, I merely replied with a shrug and said "it wasn't that big of a deal I have insurance." Later, I took her body back to the hotel and put her on the bed next to mine, and went around life as usual after that with a rotting corpse. Why nobody questioned the smell? I may never know.