On a Computer

Date: 2/9/2017

By atwoodforprez

I dreamed that my father invaded my privacy. He was able to view other computer screens from his. That meant he was able to read my novel before it was edited. Also he could see the porn I watched. No wonder he acted so uncomfortable around me. He then criticized my life coaching business. He didn't understand why I'd become a business owner who had to work seven days a week. He felt if I worked less then I'd be a failure. He clearly didn't get what I was doing. I had a friend staying over. This was in my childhood home. We were older. We shared a computer space. I had a ton of damp clothing drying all over my room. I shipped things to people all over the world. Twice I shipped five missiles. Two from the first shipment came back. When I shipped them they floated in the air moving slowly. They'd find their way into three holes. Some of them would clank around eventually finding their way out. I was in charge and needed to keep things organized. Was I recently promoted or part of a team who worked a different shift? All I knew was organization on this level was new to me. I was excited to work a different job as it gave me the insight to be a better coach and a stronger novelist. This was something my father and I agreed upon.