munich cape town and singapore

Date: 3/20/2017

By deepa

ok smth with i got an internshop to cape town and it was rly lovely and it had a lot of trees i think geo was there basically it was a huge house owned by some big lady and i was gonna work for her or smth liddat i took a tour and didnt rly decide if i wanted to go there yet and another scene where i see if i can get a munich exchange and then geo asks me to place some big cube thing on top of a huge building so he can do some hacker business even.tho him going to jail was 10/10. and another dream where there was a lot of hulk smashes a lot of it where it was like pretend smashes but i was acting and rolling around on the floor and such. felt like gob was there ans its like we had a weird romantic relationship. andddd then i show a son and mother how to fidn their fathers office at telok ayer using a bread as map thats fucking ridoculous cus at some point i break the bread to look inside the map or smth and i feed myself and gove some bits to the boy and basically i drove them but in the end i was in the perspective of a chinese boy and he explained at the end to them about how the fathers a bad father bla bla they shud stop looking for him