Vacation with a sister I don’t have

Date: 9/25/2019

By candy303

I was on vacation with my friend and my sister (I don’t have a sister and the friend was only a friend in the dream). I don’t know either of their names. the friend was driving and we ended up in a grocery store parking lot. The friend said “hey, let’s get drunk” and went into the grocery store. While she was inside, I wanted to listen to music. I pulled up Spotify on my phone and decided to listen to Halsey (I don’t like Halsey when I’m awake) but for some reason the picture that came up when I searched for her on Spotify was a really bad picture of me. I didn’t end up listening to anything because my friend came back with a bunch of alcohol and already super drunk. She sat down in the drivers seat. I was in the passenger seat and my sister was in the back, looking very uncomfortable. I don’t remember ever leaving the parking lot. I woke up with “Waste of Time” stuck in my head, which I haven’t listened to in months.