I Want To Ride My Bicycle #TakeTwo 🚲

Date: 9/28/2019

By amandalyle

I was at this huge kids play centre (my idea of hell) and I was left in charge of all these kids. I kept trying to make an escape but, every time I tired to leave, these two employees kept guiding me back. “But this isn’t even my job?!” I groaned. “I don’t even like kids!” Next scene; I was part of this counselling circle. I recognised a girl I used to go to college with (Katie) She smiled at me. The therapist kept asking us all really personal questions and I got embarrassed when all eyes were on me. He asked if I had any secrets I would like to share with the circle. I lied and said no. Katie told the group that she had a crush on one of her teachers at school. “What a shit secret.” I thought. Next scene; I had been invited into this lady’s house. She had all these things for sell. Amongst all the random junk, I saw this blue vintage-looking bike and I really, really wanted it. It was a beauty. The lady said I could have it ...but a few minutes later she had hidden it. “So what about this bike?” I questioned. “What bike?” She replied, absentmindedly. Next scene; I was cycling around this town centre (on a different bike not the awesome blue vintage bike, sadly!) in circles. Around and around. It felt good to be back on a bike, but there were so many obstacles in my way; uneven floor, people getting in my way, narrow pathways. In the end, I gave up and threw my bike down in a temper.