Date: 5/14/2017

By deepa

so im giving tuition for a boy and teaching him math exceot i cant even answer his question n he probably hates me and then i tell him 1metre is 100cm and he says no and im like huh?? im sure it is and crystals there n i ask her and she says yea its 3.66666678 or smth to 10 dp and im like WHAT rly? And then i go on n teach him a bit more and then thats all he isnt interested anymore and wants to watch some victorias secret show or smth and natalie portmans there idk... and then some cleaner dumps soap water on my bag and my laptops right there how rude.. and then we ar at a nightclub and lot of the exchange kids r there and someone momo i think its supposed to be mimi but it was momo and we were looking for her even celine was there dressed like a slut and i didnt get why she was there helping us i tried avoiding her but she stuck with me and somehow we r in some primary school assembly like we crash it and a teacher is rude to me so i ignore her and leave and go back to the club and then we meet all the peeps n johnnys there but hes so he was SO big and emma was a bit big too but i kiss her arm anyway and say hi to all the people and later on when we r outside i see momo and tell her hi evem tho she gives literally no fucks..n jacks playing some jumping game n hes def gonna fall n break his face. n then me n geo go back to his flat and for some reason we have been using a different room for diff days and i tell him my fav room was bong joons and he says hes coming back so he goes to put back some adapter thing..cant remember what after that