spooks and toilet?

Date: 3/6/2017

By deepa

so smth like im at a marketplace and i bump into sherry and shes extra short and im bending down a lot to hug her..and then ahe buys some food so we go up to some emptybench in the mall to sit down and eat and when she opens her food one of her ingredient jumps out and starts running its almost like the speciality of the store so its running and we almost lose it it even climbs on the ppl sitting next to us but we catch it and she removes the legs and the sauce spills out like Thats how its meant to be eaten...so after a while somehow geos there and hes hugging cuddling me while theres this other group of ppl with us talking about spirit circles? whatever those r and how to get rid of all bad things Some technique basically and geo keeps disturbing me so i miss the technique but he says he listened and he tries it on his comp it kinda works but starts pulling out stuff from his history so im like ok.... and basically the guy who was talking about it was living with one of the other chicks and the other chick was kinda mad that he was doing all thid weird spiritual spooky devil shit in her house... after that im waiting for the bus with one of the chicks from the group and shes terrified of smth covering her face and such and she has a Huge bird house? thats in everyones way..oh yea before we got on the bus theres geo and he says hell go to the mrt station and the mrt is just like behind us but he chooses to cross the road to the other side and hez taking huge leaps idk..strange. anyway we get on the bus and when she gets off i kinda get off too and aay bye to the bus uncle so many times and even knock down some instant noods or smth...idk the last part of another dream i guess is smth like theres two chicks in some indian shop sort of thing scrubbing the Filthy toilet like these two chicks who are mates of mine are just in there doing some public service for No reason and mind u its FILTHY omg........ok