Drugged up James Charles

Date: 2/19/2019

By jadeskies

James Charles drug It started out with me in school or something and I was bringing one of my friends a cake and all my teachers were hypeddd. Then I walk outside or smthn and then we talk about smoking but the effects make you into James Charles. But the “smoking” is makeup. Basically, makeup is a drug that makes you talk like JC. So at one point ms mazerlev is in the bus doing people’s makeup and saying that the “adult fire?” is fun, and starts doing peoples makeup. Then it cuts to me talking to this one girl in a parking lot. Then another girl yells out her window, “I see how it is. Not talking to me because my makeup’s bot good enough huh!” Then she swerved her car and it completely turns over. It’s completely covered in glitter. Then she jumps out and finds her baby in the trunk completely fine. Then another women with a baby snapped, and is pissed. Then we all start saying hey shishtars like crackheads