Date: 6/10/2019

By Jvoy1218

Dreamt that I was in a room I think. I forget what I was doing but I remember unintentionally glancing at the tv and seeing these woods (in CA I think) on fire. Something about the fire was unnatural. It looked like something out of hell and I remember feeling a weird feeling like something innate. The best way I can describe the feeling was that I had a sinking pit in my stomach and I just knew it meant a permanent end to everything. Something about the fire looked like something right out of revelation. The next thing I remember is I’m in a plane with my brother, dad, and mom (idk where my sisters were). The footage of the fire was still playing and our plane was crashing. I remember as the plane was about to crash I threw myself in front of my family to kind of hopelessly cushion them from the crash.