Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Dall-e, generate an image of a glamorous Indian housekeeper with freshly washed hair, drying it with a towel in a luxurious hotel setting, surrounded by large oval bathtubs in the floor and guests like Annastasia riding purple-gray Segways.

Richy Rich Bi**h

Date: 4/13/2019

By blucanary

~I'll add the details later. Just putting a few basics so I remember the dream... A large hotel type place I was living/staying at? A housekeeper (an Indian woman in a towel, drying her freshly washed hair with another towel) asked me to use the secret passageway instead of having to walk through the "servants hallways" to visit my friend Cynthia who was also staying there. I remember thinking that it was cool of my aunt to allow my friend to stay there (so I guess my aunt owned this massive hotel that only a few ppl were living in. It wasnt being used as an actual hotel). The bathrooms were freaking gorgeous w the very large oval shaped tubs actually in the floor itself and more like a jacuzzi/steam room. ~Some little rich girl came to stay there. Her cousin was the girl staying with my aunt. I hadnt met the girl staying w my aunt yet but I had met this little rich one. She kinda clung on to me a little when we met. Blonde hair, chunky, abt 12 yrs old. Let's name her. She looked like she cd be an Annastasia I suppose. Im sure she had a name in the dream but I cant recall it. ~ Annastasia, my mother and myself are all walking dwn a long main street (aptly named Main Street). Then we turned onto the long street the hotel was on. Somewhere on one of these two streets, we lost Annastasia. We get back to the hotel and realize she's not with us. Mum knows she cant have gone far so isnt worried. I say I want to look for her. A young Indian man working there (watering the gardens) asks where I needed to look (bc he wd go if it wasnt too far). I tell him. He decides it is too far so plays it off as if it's no big deal, she'll be fine. I say, as I walk down the outside big beautiful steps, "well, I want to go look anyways. I just dont want her to be uncomfortable out there by herself". I take my dog, Juno with me. ~We find her. She's close to this scary wooded area. I see a large swampy looking green algae covered pond with a large elephant in it up to abt her knees. Her butt area is propped on the ground area still. I point it out to Annastasia and say "Look at it! It looks like something is coming from her vagina". Annastasia gets mad at me for being "gross". I tell her Im not being gross, that's what it looks like! And now it's coming out even more! What is it?! After a moment the whole thing slides out. It's a baby elephant! It was hard to tell at first bc it was all covered in what looked like mud (but Im sure was just elephant placenta and whatnot). I go to grab my camera to take a picture for Al, but before I can even open the camera app and take it, that momma elephant took her baby in her mouth the way momma kittys do, and ran! She ran so fast across the algae covered pond and into those woods! ~ Annastasia now wanted to walk back through this wooded area. I'm not comfortable with that though bc I know the THE MOMENT you walk into that wooded territory, whatever is in there can get you. But she started in anyway and I had no choice but to go after her. We were barely even in when we see a large tiger! Then a see a large hound (looks kindof like a small werewolf actually) and a large bobcat. The tiger gives chase and we run but she takes down the hound instead. That thing is tiny compared to her (she is LARGE!) and can eat it in a few bites! She'll be after us in just a moment, so we keep running. We get to the beginning of the wooded area and I see my dog lying on the ground. I go to push her up and see if she's okay. She's got holes in her back and side with blood just pouring out of them. Suddenly this girl I use to work with, Anne, is there. She says Juno got bit by a hippo but she's fine. I get angry and say "HOW CAN YOU SAY SHE'S FINE?! LOOK AT THE BLOOD POURING OUT OF HER WOUNDS?!" ~All I remember after that is at one point Annastasia and I are riding around on her Segways (she has one for herself and one extra for a friend. I was riding the extra). They were a pretty purple-gray color and hers had a basket on the top woth a wide foot area. My foot area was still large but smaller than hers and had a smaller basket. I really like hers and ask how much it cost bc Al wd like one! He bought a tiny one and that stupid thing cost $1,000 so I KNOW hers cost ATLEAST $3,000 but probably closer to 5. She doesnt tell me though. ~Then one other part. I was taking her to school. There were a few other school friends in the car. We pull up to the school and then a big limo pulls up behind me. Annastasia gets out and walks to the limo like she's King Sh*t and gets some stuff out of it. I was like "Seriously?!" She had her mum drive her stuff over in a limo just so everyone at the school cd see. She just wanted to show off how rich and spoiled she was. I said that and one of the other little girls said "You have NO IDEA!" and rolled her eyes.

AI generated interpretation Based on the details of your dream, it appears to be a complex and vivid narrative with various characters and settings involved. Here is my interpretation of the main themes and symbols present in your dream: 1. Themes of Wealth and Social Status: The dream seems to revolve around themes of wealth, luxury, and social status, as evidenced by the grand hotel setting, the opulent bathrooms, and the presence of a rich little girl named Annastasia who symbolizes privilege and extravagance. Your interactions with Annastasia and her desire to show off her wealth may reflect feelings of envy, inadequacy, or a desire for material success in your waking life. 2. Symbolism of Animals: The appearance of elephants, tigers, a hound, and a bobcat in your dream can symbolize different aspects of your subconscious mind and emotions. Elephants are often associated with strength, wisdom, and maternal instincts, while tigers can represent power, aggression, or fear. The presence of these animals could suggest a need to confront your fears or tap into your inner strength and instincts to navigate challenging situations. 3. Exploration and Discovery: Your journey to find Annastasia in the dream represents a quest for understanding and self-discovery. As you venture into the wooded area with her, you confront obstacles and dangers, reflecting potential conflicts or uncertainties in your waking life that you must overcome. The discovery of the baby elephant being born may symbolize new beginnings, growth, or unexpected surprises on your path. 4. Segway and Limo Symbolism: The Segway and limo in the dream may symbolize modes of transportation or ways of moving forward in life. Riding the Segway with Annastasia could indicate a desire for independence, freedom, or mobility. The limo, on the other hand, may represent extravagance, prestige, or a desire for attention and recognition from others. Overall, your dream appears to be a rich tapestry of symbols and themes that could reflect your subconscious thoughts, emotions, and desires. It may be helpful to reflect on the different elements of the dream and consider how they relate to your current life circumstances, relationships, and aspirations. Engaging in dream analysis and exploration can offer valuable insights into your inner world and provide guidance for personal growth and self-awareness.