Date: 3/10/2017

By deepa

so lot of shit like one of it wherr we r all ina. classroom and lena koh is saying some farewell speech and its boring n dumb and im needing to piss so i go off and spend quite a lot of time in there cus im having my period and its a weird feeling so im there for a long time just wiping..and then basically its a creepy toilet creepy school and when i get back i bump into some scary indian teacher who was giving some speech as well but i missed it all since i was in the toilet so he looked annoyed at me. and then..yea there was some unspoken drama about some guy who fancied me but didnt know how i looked like neither did i idk...some drama details i cant recall...and then when the class or whatever waa over we went outsidd one level up maybe in this spooky class and the guy was there and upset about some drama..ok idk but i walked with him and another guy... and then towards the end like before i woke up there was smth with another toilet how i was in there and i think the cleaner locked it from outside or smth even tho i could still unlock it from the inside...same period thing.. and then go back to another class room where some guy is pointing out to the principal about the weird maybe satanic shit thats going in like how a cross appeared on the ceiling and smth with the clock and im just in there with them listening... last part was in german class and how we read some dialogue and were supposed to write it down..but i couldnt cstch it so i was just sitting there not writing while frau neumanns walking round checking and then she walks away and says smth about cigs and i shake my head cus im like how does she know.. then i realise shes looking at that yuen guy whos right beside me smth about 5 sticks and how its not acceptable or smth and hes asking his mate How did she see it like where did she see it from i look down at his bag and i see no way she could see inside and so i tell him "she saw it from this" and i point at his face and then somehow my hand gets stuck to his cheek..the end oh ya one last bit where i get a text from the forum shawn that i used the forum thing wrongly and im like hmm How