Date: 5/8/2017

By deepa

once again forgotten a lot but this one where i finished a paper and im walking out n talking to derek evan and such talkimg about money n travelling and then i go see geo and somehow im in the pool and he comes to the poolside across the other side and i hear his inner thoughts n hes thinking of doimg amth to the pool water to make me drown and im terrified and then later we are in his room and he tries suffocating me with pillows and im begging him and somehow he leaves the room and hes written it somewhere why he wants to kill me and not kidding it had smth to do with me not understanding smth about star wars.. jesus... and later on he comes in n says hes sorry but i say hell no i cant be with someone who tried killing me for Star wars.. another small dream with me taking the other stairs and nice ginger cat is there and i feed him cat food which idk where i found but he loves me yay and then i go home. another small dream with me out on town with someone maybe even ollie and hes asking why theres two moons following but i tell him cus its the angle we see it yakno but then i do realise theres two moons and realise i said the wromg thing so i distract him with subway.. ok one laat big one was me n my sister are talkimg about how annoying our neighbours are cus apparently they accused us of accidentally wetting their plant while watering ours or SMTH and man the aerial shot of their house was insane rhe house itself was so small but very avant gardy? basically ot was very uniquely ugly an tbey had the biggest garden with so much green random psycho shit and somehow me sister and my mother three of us are riding in cart across their house like its a real train ride with tracks and the owner wife lady steps out and when we pass by she tells me sister and insults her and says like ur 8$ per hour bla bla idk what she says but she implies we r poor and then i lose it and even with my mother there i yell fuck u 2$ dollar whore fuck u or something but mymother doesnt even care and i feel good. but this also means i caused extra strife between the households and im kinda scared and then we all go to the nearest supermarket to buy mints..? ya