Tears, fights and talent shows

Date: 2/28/2017

By amandalyle

A guy I once knew, called Nick, met me in a coffee shop and told me his Girlfriend was pregnant. I told him that I already knew because I walked in on her doing a pregnancy test. I told him I was happy for him and then he broke down -right there and then - and said he still thinks about me and loves me. I was lost for words and didn't know how to respond , so I just stroked his head in my lap for awhile. He then got up and left. Moments later, his girlfriend came in. I was with a kid who wasn't my own . She said hi to me and I said hi back but cursed myself for not congratulating her on her pregnancy news. She walked over to order a coffee. I had asked for a tea and a kuwaki girl brought mine over in a smashed up cup. "Oh, I'm so sorry' she apologised. I'll get you another one. She then brought me over some scorching hot water in the smallest jug I had ever seen. I remember feeling annoyed. Next scene; I was at my mums house watching films with the kids. My cousin Dawn was there with her son Reece and her new boyfriend. I couldn't make out whether he was hot or not. In the end, I went for 'NOT' - too Scrawny. Next scene; I was sat in a chair weeping and Mat was trying too cheer me up. But it wasn't working, he was just annoying me. He kept turning the tv up and playing silly music. "I need you to be happy so you can help me with my video " he said. "Oh, I knew their must be an ulterior motive!" I sighed. Mat wanting me to help with him video but, in order to do so, I needed to get on my Instagram. I had forgotten my password but eventually Mat had to pay Instagram to get me back in. I was looking back at old memories/photos with nostalgia. "I miss those times!" I sighed. Next scene; I was on a bus with some people I knew (but didn't recognise in real life) for some reason, I was messing around on my phone, trying to take videos just in case anything funny happened that I could put onto YouTube. Eventually, a fight broke out and recorded it all on my phone. Next scene; I was having an interview. I showed a portfolio of my work to a smartly dressed lady - which wasn't actually my work - I received much praise, but felt a little guilty. I got the job. I then cried, tears of happiness, along with guilt. Next scene; I put my son Maxi in a white school shirt and wasn't happy at all. "I want the blue one!" I said. Next scene; I was at some sort of talent show. There was a relatively good looking black guy (dad) and his boy singing in the show. Originally, the little boy had 4 minutes to showcase his talent, but then last minute they said it was only 3 - he got stage fright and didn't perform well.