New York lakefront

Date: 7/7/2019

By DevaJu5395

Family was coming over bringing me stuff for my birthday, at my mom's place in New York state. Haley showed up with some gifts and was talking about how she was starring in some kind of show and also that she wasn't cutting her hair anymore. I showed her and some guests around the lakefront property, which included a building just for animals, it was a wooden structure painted half yellow and half green. Beyond that was a huge pavilion jutting out over the water and I mentioned needing to host ecstatic dance there because it would be perfect. We walked a little further and explained that there weren't many neighbors close by and how I would probably enjoy that the most when I moved out there. We started walking back and I noticed some broken pieces of wooden lawn chairs floating near some steps to the water. I tried to grab them but fell in. My friends helped me out along with the chairs and I noted that my clothes didn't even feel wet. We made our way back to the main house and evidently part of the home was an antique shop and I started randomly placing little gifts I'd been given on shelves in the shop. I walked Haley to the door and congratulated her success as I kissed her goodbye. She hugged me and I felt her belly squish against mine. I couldn't tell if she was pregnant or had gained weight, she's always been really thin.