Digital art 4k scene from a movie: It's a horror western in hell, with a cowboy demon chasing a terrified woman through the dusty town as the sun starts to rise, offering her a slim chance at escaping his clutches.

A Horror Western in hell

Date: 3/8/2019

By blucanary

What a cool dream! It was kinda like a paranormal horror western in hell or something.. I dont remember much, but what I do remember is really cool! I was w/ my dream husband upstairs in our wooden home (my dream husband is thin to the point of looking scrawny, older [late 40's or 50's but looks as though he's worked a hard life out in the sun for nearly all of it] w/ a deep brown beard and moustache w/ a lot of gray peppered within). We were asleep in bed when I heard a scratching noise. I peek out of my window (which is just above our bed where our heads are) trying not be seen by anyone or anything that might be out there. I see a black roughly-made, extremely long, claw-like metal mechanical hand scratching something into our wall. I immediately knew what it was. It was exactly what I feared it was. It was this evil being w/ unimaginable powers that had come to curse our household for something we has done (we had told on a neighbor, I believe, but for doing what I am not sure). This evil thing had been haunting our small dirt-road town for some time now, so everyone knew of it. I duck back down, scooting away from the window and wake up my husband. Frantically I tell him that "he" is here for us. He asks how I know and I tell him abt the scratching and then seeing the black mechanical hand at almost the middle of our house (far too far up for an average man to reach). He gets scared and first tries to hurriedly tuck me in and make it look as though I hadn't seen "him" coming if I was right abt "him" being here (apparently being aware of him before hand and/or telling others only made your punishment worse) After hurriedly taking abt one or two seconds to do that, he checks out the window, trying not to be seen. As he's looking out the window above our heads, from the window on the side of the room catty-corner to our bed something heavy comes crashing through. It suprises my husband (he looks like an Earl for some reason. Let's call him that) it takes Earl by surprise and he cant help but show it as he winches towards the other window. It was the long black claw like hand. I pretended to sleep through this whole ordeal, tossing and turning as though I had heard the ruckus in my sleep but it hadnt quite woken me. The next thing I know Earl is gone (it left me for the time being bc I pretended to be asleep and not to notice it). I am alone in my wooden home; frightened, sad and unsure what action(s) to take. Hours pass when suddenly a doll-like woman appears in my home, appearing by breaking through the upstairs window just as "he" had done (the window was made of two parts. "He" came in through the right side, she through the left). All I can see is glass shattering and then her perfect doll-like figure sitting cross-legged in front of the window. I never even really saw her actually enter. As she crosses her legs, she throws these thin chains at me. On the end of these chains are hooks, and on the end of the hooks are ppls torn off faces. She throws the chains at me and one of the faces is now over mine like a mask. She pulls on the chains and I fall back onto near the bed, with the mask around my face looking more and more frightening by the second. Now w/ it on my face and her pulling, you can see it being streched across my own face and holding me down. You can see where the previous owners eyes were cut out and blood dripped around the sockets, as well as around the entire face itself where it was cut from the muscle and bone. It looked as if I had cut someone's face off, put it on, and was then pulling it as tight as I possibly could! Bc that it is precisely what was happening. She was pulling it so tight that I cdnt even move. She told me that my husband had done his best to protect me. That's why it took almost all night for "him" to send her to retrieve me. When she mentioned my husband, I got an image in my head of him completely tied up, and his face looking as though he had taken a shotgun to it. It was horrific! I tried to act calm and lean back towards the doll-like woman as opposed to fighting her. Fighting her and trying to run wd only make her chains grip me tighter. Instead I acted easy going and moved towards her a bit. Just enough to loosen the mask & chains enough to rip the face-mask off and run. I was successful in that endeavor, and I made it to the balcony. From there I climbed down the wooden poles holding the balcony up as fast as I cd. "He" was waiting down there for me in the dusty road that our whole town looked to be built upon. He laughed when he saw me attempting to run, barefoot & still in my old-timey long white nightgown w/ blood all over my hair and face; sure I wd fail and that "he" wd get to torture me that much harder for even trying to escape. I got right up on "him" and I push him, then continue running. He's on my tail the whole time, I dont know how he doesnt catch me. He might simply be having fun with me, allowing the chase to continue a bit longer and/or allowing me to think I have a chance at hope, so that he can then rip that hope away. I see glimpes of light shining through some boards here and there of the wooden cowboy-era architecture. The sun was coming up! I only needed to outrun this evil being until the sun was completely up! "He" cdnt 'be' in the sun. "He" wd simply disappear back into his evil underground hell where "he" came from, free to come back the next time the sun went down but until then, unable to lay a hand upon me. I ran as fast as I cd from this cowboy demon (or demon that had taken the form of a cowboy) w a claw. He was easy to always see not only bc he was practically right on top of me (and seemingly the only other person here except for me), but bc he glowed. He glowed like there was a ball of yellow light inside of him and he was cracking in pieces. That's what it looked like (that's the best way I can think to describe it to someone who didnt see it for themselves). He's laughing as I run. He is RIGHT on my tail. I see a horse and jump on. I start to ride off but "he" just laughs harder and harder. That's when I notice the sun. It isnt coming up like it's suppose to. Instead, by some trick of unnatural dark magic, the sun is actually going back down, and the sky, instead of getting brighter, is once again getting darker. "He" is behind me laughing hysterically while I lose all hope, knowing this isnt right and also knowing that there was nothing I cd do abt it. I wd never get away now. I was as good as dead. "He" wins.

AI generated interpretation Your dream of a horror western in hell is quite vivid and filled with symbolic elements that reveal underlying emotions and fears. The setting of hell suggests a feeling of being trapped in a dark and threatening environment, where malevolent forces are at play. The presence of your dream husband, who appears worn and weathered, may represent a sense of protection and familiarity in the face of danger. The evil being with unimaginable powers that haunts your town could symbolize a fear of punishment or retribution for past actions. The scratching on the wall and the mechanical hand suggest a sense of invasion and violation, as well as a feeling of powerlessness in the face of a malevolent force. The doll-like woman with chains and faces on hooks may represent feelings of being manipulated or controlled by external forces, as well as a sense of being haunted by past traumas or guilt. The act of wearing a face mask and feeling restrained by the chains could symbolize a struggle with identity and authenticity, as well as a fear of losing control over one's own life. The confrontation with the cowboy demon in the dusty town and the attempt to escape under the rising sun may signify a struggle for freedom and survival in the face of overwhelming darkness and evil. The changing of the sun's direction and the demon's laughter suggest a sense of hopelessness and inevitability, as well as a feeling of being pursued and overwhelmed by external forces. Overall, your dream seems to reflect feelings of fear, anxiety, and vulnerability in the face of external threats and dark forces. It may also indicate a need to confront and overcome past traumas or guilt in order to find a sense of control and empowerment in your waking life.