A funeral in the Jeremy Kyle audience?!

Date: 2/3/2017

By amandalyle

I was a big event with open tents and different stalls. My friend and I were talking about what type of men we were attracted to. She asked me what I though of Chinese men and I said "Chinese men are my least favourite!" ...unfortunately, my Chinese friend, Gary, overheard...as well as his 15 + Chinese friends. I was lost for words, so chose not to say anything at all. Next scene; my friend Laura had decided to become a lesbian and was going to propose to Lindsey from Hollyoaks. Kylie and I had the ring but it wasn't very safe. The bag we were carrying it in was way too big - a large beach bag - and the ring kept rattling around inside. We then walked through a funeral that was - bizarrely - being held in the Jeremy kyle studio audience. It was my mums friend's funeral. I was sobbing even though I didn't know them. But I was embarrassed, so I put my hands over my face and ran through the audience hoping that nobody would see me.