A lucid dream within a dream within a dream

Date: 3/1/2017

By amandalyle

I had woken up to find my teeth were wobbly. I kept pulling them off and clipping them back in. At one point, dark red blood filled my mouth and I had to run to the sink and spit it out. When I examined my mouth, I had an empty black hole where a tooth once was. I was horrified. I then looked on my phone to check for any notifications. I had posted a blog and I had two WP notifications. They were both strange and completely unrelated to the piece I had just written on 'depression.' Somebody commented about cats and the other person mentioned an air guitar. My teeth were still bothering me, so I sat on the bed and played with them - wriggling them with my fingers. I then woke up, and was so relieved that it was a dream (Although, I was actually still dreaming) I checked my teeth: but was disappointed that my teeth were still shifting around. "That's strange!" I thought. I then started to grow more suspicious that I was having a dream, so I got up and started doing a funny old fashioned 1940's styled dance - very 'The Great Gatsby' - my bedroom floor was now tiled and I could hear my shoes tapping on the ground. It was loud, I wondered why Mat couldn't hear me from downstairs. Then, to reaffirm that it was a dream, I made myself fly 'loop-de-loops' around my bedroom. I then floated down and checked my notifications again. My blogger friend Amy had commented on my post and I found it very moving indeed. I couldn't read what she said (this is hugely difficult in dreams) but I just 'knew' it was something meaningful and beautiful. I then woke up (for real) teeth still intact. *Endnote* I had this dream during a nap. I'm always more inclined to experience Lucid dreaming whilst during naps.