evening nap

Date: 6/11/2017

By deepa

so im goin for a run with klaudia and i change in the middle of rhe lockwrs and my nipples out basically i didnt bring the proper clothes i intended to bring AND i forgot my shoes so i go im search of klaudia. and also my sisterson the dream being angryat me for not wanting to learn to drive even tho theres no car available...n also we have a cat and shes so cute and barely like 3 days into getting her shes pregnant and my sister says it so nonchalently and im like...wtf?@?! nooo and somehow were in my like grandparents house? idk also theres some chase scene with dome black eyed peas song or smth and its a guy n chick running and they stop for sex and stuff liddat and at one point im the chick and the elevator goes nuts lke it goes all the way up out of control n sideways n shit n underground n Scary