plane crash and nonsense

Date: 3/27/2017

By deepa

ok so maybe the first part that i remember was me and some other ppl listening to this guy maybe some musician talk about amplifiers and ppl stealing his music kaybe justin bieber and hes showing us some rly expensove equipment but its very compact and this is like some big mafia man whos rly scary bla bla.. so i somehow decide to steal this and run away to another country cus why not.. so the next scene is me in a bar with some nice guy and i think i give him all the money from this thing and tell him to put them in charity cus i know im gonna die and guess Whos in the bar the scary man with a lady JESUS and he doesnt recognise me cus i dyed my hair and he stands to give way to me while exiting and im basically rushing out with this bar guy and im asking him to run with me and were running and hiding and the scary man is just aomewhere behind but this guy doesnt understand basically we hide a lot and somehoe it turms into a gunfight or smth and ive no weapons on me and this mafia guy still doesnt know its me btw only later he finds out while someone cuts my hair after the bloodshed idk...and it seemed like me ans these 2 xhicks died but somehow not and om buying food and waiting for it and jerial is there and were joking around and almost kissing for and then another bit with me walking to the field or smth and theres a peacock on the roof ao im looking at it from a distance and then i see a plane sort of swivel around its a small blue plane and it crashes like right infront of me like further down but the debris sort of fly around me and yea i think i was filming all of it basically it was rly scary..and then i fo in and its on the news and im thinking if i shud upload it to twitter but i have trouble doing it..and then...last part before i just woke up me and some ppl and geo are in this place and idk me and this chick r talking laughing and pino comes and says that geos kinda upset and i go in and ask him to come out cus hes just sitting on the floor with the watrr running. i bring him out and make him sit on some dirty ass floor...idk.. there are some smaller dream bits in between as well.. like i was in some radio djs house and he was explaining the format and talking about his children.. and ok lot of other thinga i dont even know where to start like marilyn manson was in there somewhere..