a mess

Date: 3/13/2017

By deepa

so starts off with me and geo and jihnny tommy mo at a table and maybe im talking closer to johnny and i guess geo gets upset and then towards the last part tommy and mo throw some cereal sort of thing on my head and beer in my hair like how fucked up but i guess it was playful i took some chicks cap and put it on my head... and somehow ehile talking to this chick i guess i lost the rest and they just left without me so im walking thru this shady ass mall and it takes a long time for me to find them Basically...like i stand infront of an escslator for So long cus i keep confusing myself about the direction its going and basically when i do find them theyre so far behind this place and geos so nonchalent and i feel hurt that he didnt even text me to tell them where they were.. and then... a Lot of fight sort of things happen but christs sake i cant remember also feel like i had strange sleep paralysis but not sure if it was in the dream or real life..anyway last part is andra comes to geos room and bla bla they start fighting/wrestling on the bed and i just walk out like fuck this