school and work

Date: 1/27/2017

By deepa

so one bit was about me going for one of my lectures and in sitting all the way at the back n for some reason noones paying attention and im just walking around the lecture hall and desih is there n shes having rly bad cramps and shes upset that we didnt ask her to be in our group. at some point i go out n bring my drawer to sort it out during the lecture...and then i guess theres this scene or smth where im playing basketball with some ppl but by basketball i mean i watch them play...and at some point thr ball bevomed a tennis ball and my mothers in the area so i show her that i can throw it in the hoop. badically its me n this one guy trying to get the tennis ball in the hoop...and then at some point theres like 4 white ppl and i board the bus with them and evryone else is like indian on the bus and theres no space so at one point one of the guy n girl (white ppl) have sex on me and idk...some voice audio files of Me moaning...idk ok next part smth like im interning at this place and derek says its a very chill place but so far what id seen was not one of it is like a video game sort of thing where we have a gun n were all in this cage and we gotta go activate smth and run back into the safe cage without getting caught by the bosses or whatever and we can appease them with starbuvks? wtf.. and then bryon is there at one point he loses his gun outside the cage n we all pretty muvh think we r fucker but were fine...and then um i guess geos there n we r trying to escape the place maybe? but its raining so were getting wet n im whining ad oer usual at some point he becomes hanna i think? not sure...basicslly we go thru s lot of levels and lot of open areas and playground? n shit liddat...