Inhabitable Planet Killer & Murderous Cats

Date: 8/9/2017

By JourneyT

Last night I was ordered to go to different Planets in our Galaxy and destroy inhabitable planets. Generally, when someone says "aye, if a planet is super uncomfortable to live in, or has creepy creatures, then blow it up;" I don't usually listen. That's because it's impossible, until now. I got in my Solar Ship and soared off. I destroyed a very cold planet in particular, and a few others, until I stumbled on a habitable planet. This planet looked like a destroyed earth: destroyed cities, green leafy plants and trees were practically everywhere; it was beautiful. There were even people there, but it was strange because they had no expression. I was interested; how could they have clothes, even with a destroyed system? Where were they going? How have they lived? What were they made of? Ah, the last question, such a prize to be won if I knew. So I took a machine gun and started shooting, they fell effortlessly; still no reaction. I heard noise in an alley with cracked cement and large circle blocks. Being curious, I went to check it out. There were cats! Interesting, there were tons of them. One spotted me and had the strength of a cougar when it attacked, it was hard to defeat. Suddenly, all the cats ran to attack the civilians. I was astonished, and frightened. This planet was a waste of my time. I darted to my ship, and flew off in space to be far away enough to not get hit by my explosion I would soon cause. I destroyed the planet with a few missiles; I guess the planet was fragile. I flew back to Earth, and told my team about the strange planet I found.