New Year's in Norway

Date: 5/16/2017

By Palomino

I was spending New Year's Day in Norway. I walked around in the snow looking at the houses with their Christmas lights still up. It was all beautiful. I went to a lake where people were having a big party. Some were jumping in the ice cold water. I watched them for a while. Then I noticed some kids putting mud in a baby bottle. A few minutes later, a woman came and picked up the bottle. She was about to give it to her baby, but I stopped her. We talked for a while and got along really well. She introduced me to her family. She was the ninth of twelve children and all of them were at the party. I ended up hanging out with the three youngest daughters. One was a beautiful young woman in a low cut dress. She was getting a lot of attention. I didn't intend to try to talk to her, but I did enjoy the view. The next sister was a university student. She was smart and funny but busy studying, even at the party, so I left her alone and let her work. The youngest sister was 17. She was very overweight and I could tell she had self esteem problems. We realized we both liked Star Trek, so we talked about that, and she told me about Norwegian history, which was interesting, and she taught me how to use the special and complicated umbrellas everyone there had. We were laughing and having a good time until she started flirting with me. I reminded her that I was married and also too old for her but she persisted. She asked if I was rejecting her because I liked her good looking sister. I tried to explain that I was married and only admired her sister in passing. She said that since I wasn't really interested in her sister, then I could be with her instead. I kept saying "I AM MARRIED" but she didn't listen and I could tell I was going to have to just run away from her soon. I was sorry to hurt her feelings but I couldn't think what else to do.