Ejaculating Bananas! 🍌 😳

Date: 8/19/2017

By amandalyle

I was having sex with a guy from my past, but I was paranoid about my curtains - they kept falling open and I was scared that someone might spot us doing the 'dodgy deed'. Despite the curtains, we were getting into it, but it came to a premature end as he 'came' ....and it squirted out like mushed banana's. "Taste it if you like!" He said, "Umm, no thanks! I don't like bananas!" I replied, disgusted at his suggestion. Next scene; my friends boyfriend text me saying he had spoken to Matt and that he was worried about his state of mind. I was trying to text him back, but every time I wrote a long message, it disappeared into thin air and I was growing more and more frustrated. Next scene; It was parents evening and all the parents had to gather around to watch a play the kids had been practicing. I remember seeing Jordan (Aka; Katie Price) turn up, and she was giving away free dvd's that were wrapped up in her old page 3's. I remembered thinking how inappropriate this was, being at a school and all. Kylie came and sat down beside me. I asked her how things were and she was beating around the bush a bit. She then asked me what the view from Deano's (someone from a reality tv show) window was like and how much I could see of the park: "I have no idea!" I said, "I've never been in his room!". She raised her eyebrow and told me that the other mum's thought we were trash. She then stormed over to the teachers and started swearing at them. They gawped at her in horror and then she said "sorry, I was just joking. I just need some Tango! Where's the Tango?" And then she walked over to the drinks dispenser, chuckling away to herself like some crazy person.