Strawberry cider, hideous shoes and watching Countdown

Date: 2/24/2017

By amandalyle

I was at a friend's house, but she told me that Tony was coming over and he didn't want to see me. I told her I would leave, so it wouldn't be awkward. So I decided to walk to the shop to get some strawberry cider (always the strawberry cider!!! Haha) I stopped to take a break and I vaguely remember getting out an easel (in the middle of the pavement) and painting a picture, but then I saw Tony and Alex approaching and I was thinking about running before they saw me, but I thought "fuck it!" And , instead, I tried to make amends with Tony. It felt good. Next scene; I was picking my sons up front school and I saw that the teacher was being mean to Maxi, which made me really pissed off . Maxi needed a wee and had been left waiting, so I took him into the boys bathroom in which a shower had been left on. Next scene; I was with my daughter phoebe in town . I popped into a shop and asked for cigarettes, but the man asked if I wanted a bag of 500 . "Don't you do any smaller packs?" I asked. "That's all we have left!" He said. I declined his offer and walked away cigarette free. As we walked out of the shop, I noticed that phoebe was wearing the most hideous shoes. They were made out of 'welly' material. "Why are you wearing those shoes?" I asked "I like them and they were only 1p!" She replied. Next scene; Phoebe was off to school in the morning, but before she went, she was admiring her school jumpers. "These must be really expensive!" She said, feeling the texture of them against her cheek. "Um, no. Just your regular jumpers!" I replied. Next scene; Kylie's mum was laughing hysterically about Kylie's miniature bag "No wonder I couldn't find it!" She howled. Next scene; I was in the living room with 'Big' Alex. "Do you want to watch countdown?" I asked. "Oh yes, it's my favourite!" He replied. Next scene; I was watching celebrity Big Brother. Spiedi (aka Heidi and Spencer) were on there. They came to the diary room and told everyone they were HIV positive. I turned to Mat and said they were brave to share that on national TV.