A Mix-Match of Pure Randomness!

Date: 4/12/2017

By amandalyle

I was moving the kid's bedrooms around at home. Maxi's things were going into a different room, but Phoebe kept saying... "It's been that way before!" Even though it hadn't. I was getting hot and flustered at the sheer thought of getting so much furniture into the other room. Next scene; I was talking to my mum about how I didn't like to walk past certain places in town because they had a dark 'presence'. Haunting, almost. One of these places was the multi-story carpark, especially at night. So, to confront my fear, I visited it late that evening and found that some sort of conference was taking place. The place was heaving and I remember trying this fishy delicacy from a platter that was going around. "I'm surprised you like that!" My mum chirped. She was stood behind me. "You were always such a fussy bugger!" She added. I laughed and replied "it's not bad actually!" I then followed her into another room and she was at a book signing. When had she written a book? There were people sobbing and in awe of her. I felt myself tearing up and an overpowering sense of pride washed over me. Next scene; I was out with Mat and this other girl (who I didn't recognise) we were trying to find a nice restaurant. Mat jokingly dragged us into this dark and dingy restaurant/pub and in unison we said "we're not eating here!" (The place was dive, to be fair!) but the waitress, at this point, had already sat us down and we were waiting for our meals to arrive. When they eventually brought our food over, Mat was being extremely rude and insulting about the quality of the food and I could see the lady behind the bar growing angrier and angrier. "Shh!" I told him, trying to hide my embarrassment. Next, we found ourselves in an outdoors bar. It had a paradise theme, but was anything but. I could hear this loud suction noise. It was this pretty black girl snorting cocaine on the balcony above. I had a tenner in my pocket, so I bought a tiny little pouch for myself. It was enough for three lines, so I lined them all up, ready for later... but, to my horror, they had disappeared when I went back to get them. "Your husband is down there!" This guy called over to me. I suspected that he had snorted my lines, but I didn't really care. I joined the others and we had a good night, regardless. Next scene; I was in some sort of higgle-dee-piggle-dee house that looked like it was from the Victorian times. It was rickety and old. I was with this guy who was showing me around each story of the building and when we got to the very top, I felt like I had some sort of connection with him (although I wasn't sexually attracted to him) When he went out of the room, I wrapped myself in a massive shag pile rug and jumped out on him. "BOOOO!" I yelled. We laughed, because he wasn't in the least bit scared. I felt a moment rush over me and an urge to hug him, so I just let it happen. We fell down onto the bed and continued to hug, but I felt his erection on my leg. "Oh!" I said, "I don't like you in that way!" I continued, feeling embarrassed. "I thought we were just friends! It's just... you're so cuddly!" (He was a big guy!) but the moment was ruined and I felt disappointed.