"He's got a big dick though!"

Date: 2/5/2017

By amandalyle

I was at some sort of water theme-park with my friend Kylie. We were ready to hit the water slides, but, at last minute, she refused to go on slide with me. Instead, I went on with two random guys, who said I'd look better with blonde hair - I'm not sure if I felt offended or not. As I was sliding down the water slide, little kids were stupidly climbing up and I had to get pass them without knocking them over. It wasn't as fun as imagined it to be, as the slide then became carpeted and hard to slide down. Next scene: I was in the garden with my Kylie and we were talking about her psychic friend. She told me she had given her a reading recently but it wasn't much good. She said something regarding Dorset and the only think I could relate this to was being close to where my nanny once lived. "No, that wouldn't be it. I never liked it there!" She said. Next scene; we were in a dingy bar. There was this disgusting guy with facial tattoos groping my friend kylie in dim lighting. When I turned the lights on - to everyone's discontent - we found that he was just as as gross as we expected. "He's got a big dick though. I felt it on my clitoris!" Kylie said. Next dream; I was talking to Phoebe's dad on the phone in a calm and collective manner - as if we were long lost friends. Yep, definitely a dream.