Bipartisan Deal

Date: 5/18/2017

By Palomino

I had a new job working for the federal government in a big office building in Washington. The staff were divided into groups for security drills. Amy N was my group leader. Sharon U was also in my group. It was quitting time and everyone was leaving. We all had to go through a security check as we left. I had a clear plastic water bottle with me. A lot of other staff had one like it, but Amy told me they were technically against the rules. She said most of the guards would ignore it, but some would confiscate it, and others would want a one dollar bribe to look the other way. She showed me how to hold a dollar bill discreetly in my hand as we went through the checkpoint. The guard let me through without taking my bottle or my dollar. I was feeling really pleased when suddenly our boss yelled for our team and three others to do an evacuation drill. I started to run but was in horrible pain after one step. I didn't have my cane with me. I hobbled along as fast as I could. My team finished with the best time but I was exhausted. I sat down on the floor in the lobby to rest my bad leg. Our boss asked what was wrong and I explained about my injury and how I have been walking with a cane but I'm starting to go without it and didn't have it with me. He said he would not have called my team for a drill if he had known. Sharon sat down with us and started an argument about Donald Trump. I didn't say anything but the two of them went on for a while. Our boss said, "You don't understand what's at stake here!" Sharon said, "No, YOU don't understand what's at stake!" I said, "Can't we talk about what we have in common? Stake... stake... steak... steak with fries... I'm hungry." They both laughed and our boss said he would take Sharon and me to get a steak. I was very happy.