Can I pay you in false nails?

Date: 1/16/2017

By amandalyle

I was in a hospital with my ex Paul. He didn't have money to pay for the parking - surprise, surprise - so I had to collect up all the change in my bag to pay for it... but I was a bit short. Apparently, we could pay in false nails too... so I tried to gather up some false nails in my bag, but again, falling short. In the end, I told him 'straight out' that I couldn't pay the fee and he'd have to pay for it himself. I then met someone I used to work with at the desk of the hospital. She and some others were going out drinking and she invited me along. We all climbed a big spiral staircase and ended up at fair. "Let's go on this ride!" She said. It looked safe enough, but how wrong I was. It started off okay, but then it went so fast, we were clinging on for our lives. There was only a set of bars we could cling onto, no seatbelt or safety restraints. I could feel my hands slipping. "Hold me, Amanda! I'm falling!" Karen cried. "I can't! I'm going to fall if I let go!" I screamed. Luckily, we got off the ride unscathed, vowing never to go on it again. I then spotted my boys coming out of a big castle with a fort. I followed them in and saw a miniature hamster on the ground - so small I could have easily squished it. It then turned into a creepy-crawly. I didn't want to touch it, so I scooped it up with an item of clothing. When we entered the main building, there was a girl with a massive tarantula crawling all over her face. Next scene; I was in a dorm room with two other girls I didn't recognise. They were asking me for biscuits, so I opened my bag and scrabbled around for broken biscuits. "No, Amanda! Those ones!" They laughed, pointing to the hobnobs at my feet. Next scene; I was having an inspection at my house. The place was falling apart. I told the guy that I needed the windows mended, and he said it wasn't really his problem anymore because he wasn't going to be the landlord after 5 days. As he was talking, he turned from unattractive to quite dishy. I suddenly grew nervous around him and the anger for him disappeared. I showed him the windows around the house and wiggled my bum suggestively as I made my way up to the third floor. On the third floor, my friend Kylie had her own apartment - "Oh shit! I was meant to be having breakfast with her... what time is it?" I asked. "11.15" he replied. I knocked on her door but , luckily, she'd only just woken up. She then made us dippy eggs and solders while her mum rambled on about hippy shit.