Digital art, Generate an image of a person signing a legal document with Gene Hackman looking on.

Gene Hackman interlude.

Date: 3/8/2017

By thetruecall

I was a galactic being traveling to earth(?) for a funeral/reunion(?). I had to separate from a mothership for the trip. A was aware that there was a concern for how long I was going to be gone, which I thought was odd considering we appeared to be ageless. During the brief transit I was laying in a bed. I was talking to someone laying next to me I Realized this person was Gene Hackman. I told him I loved the Royal Tenenbaums. I almost told him I used to really identify with Richie, but I didn't because it occurred to me that every sappy young guy probably identified with Richie, and Gene would say "oh really, that's interesting," while having an inner eye roll and thinking, "great, another douchbag." I made it to my destination. There was some sort of reception. My mom had some legal document for me to sign. It seemed like something to do with resolving an estate, like a transfer of mineral rights. Mom, per usual, had finalized all the relevant details and organized all the documents. Now she had to get all the requisite signatures to close the matter. She said the doc needed signatures from both Stephanie and I. For some reason it didn't matter if Steph actually signed or if I just signed for her. So I wrote "Mark and Stephanie M" in cursive b/c it just needed to have something scribbled on the signature line. I'd never written Stephanie's name in cursive, so I remember looking back at the odd way I had written the "S.". Anyway, it seemed like some money might be coming our way.

AI generated interpretation This dream may be reflecting your inner thoughts and feelings about family and money. The use of Gene Hackman could be a metaphor for your own feelings of insecurity with regard to your family, as you feel the need to downplay certain aspects of yourself for fear of being judged. The mothership separating from the rest of the group could symbolize your need to take a journey of self-discovery and exploration, away from the security of your family. The legal document could symbolize the need to make a financial decision in order to move forward in life. The fact that you signed for Stephanie may suggest your willingness to take on responsibility for her, even though it is not necessary. Overall, this dream could be reflective of your feelings related to family and money, and your desire to take on more responsibility for yourself and your loved ones.