lots of shit

Date: 2/6/2017

By deepa

i had a lot more but i mad a mistake so i can only remember scraps. so one part i remember is derek is there and he shows me a picture of his mate doing weed but also carrying a cigarette and then he lets me try a little short piece of the joint and it tastes like green tea and it was pretty real like he touched my lips with his fingers while giving me the joint n it felt Rly real..and then two of us and sowm other ppl r going thru this rly high off the ground bridge n u have to go tbru some complex maze shit even tho the shortcut to the bridge is right there but the guy guarding it says no n makes me go thru the whole thing n so i lose my mates and its so hot i go to this airconed place.. and then somw other part where im like a prostitute and im gwtting money likw 150buvks for sex which is very cheap n hes touching me but thwn i guess i dont go thru with it cus the creepy ass guy is now geo so its all fine and at some point he throws a very small sized puppy out the window and we hear screams from under and we go there to the police scene...and then what else oh ya also i think me n geo decide not to go foe oue monday lextures so we walk around but we stumble onto my german lesson that im skipping and the tutor notices n brings the whole class outside n geos just sittimg in this chair outside and im supposed to answer some questions ok idk also throughout the dream i carried. a couple of bags and kept checking to see if my laptop n such were in place idk... a bit strange