Patrick Swayze, Crazy-ass Driving and a Smoking 12-year-old

Date: 6/30/2017

By amandalyle

Patrick Swayze was alive again. He was young and at the height of his fame - post dirty dancing era - I wanted to have sex with him, but the kids were around and I didn't want them walking in on us. We tried to sneak up to my son's room - up against his cabin bed - but my awful sex chat went down like a lead balloon and I could tell that I was starting to turn him off, rather than on. We then moved into my bed, but the scene had changed and I was now having sex with another man. He looked exotic; Dark skinned and incredibly handsome. We were now having sex on one of those outside beds, until his girlfriend stormed over and gave him a bollocking. What happened next, was all very strange.. because she then revealed that she was also his sister. I took a few steps back and deliberated whether to run or not. Next scene; I was at this religious ceremony. I had trouble parking and walked in fashionably late. I accidentally ended up walking on stage - at a crucial moment - but I didn't really give a damn. I then broke out of that place, and couldn't find my car so, instead, I got a lift with the Jenner sisters what looked like a toy convertable open top. Their driving was so irratic, I thought I was going to die. Jeremy Clarkson then pulled over and said, "You can hop in here with me!" So I did. It was a Lamborghini, but it was so hard to drive. It had a dodgy break, so I was driving extra slow just in case I had to make an emergency stop. Next scene; I was at the school and we all had presentations to preform in front of everyone. I was partnered with this girl called Abbey. She didn't really put any effort into the rehearsal, so the presentation itself didn't go down very well at all. It was completely humiliating. Everyone clapped at the end, but only out of pity. There was no enthusiasm behind it. I then spotted my son Alex in the crowd and he was holding hands with this girl. I smiled. They looked so cute together. Next scene; I found an ashtray in Phoebe's bedroom with one smoked cigarette in it. "She'd better not be smoking!" I thought to myself. "She's only 12!"