minor lucidity

Date: 3/25/2017

By deepa

so the sxary dream was about some guy entering this room and he locks eyes with me and he looks fucking insane like hes possessed or smth and so he walks in thru this glass door and holds this chicks hand so hard infront of me but i know it only sounds like he held iy but i think it broke it or like basically it was like the onset of terrible times. and as soon as this happens the chick beside me takes me hand and runs and we r running out the door and im yelling at any of the guys to go in and save the girl cus idk guys. r stronger? and all of them are pussies and i think i even say it and then we r just running so fast with this other chick. im running thru streets its so scsry anr we get on buses anf we get pretty far away i guesa.. like we were atleast 20 streets down the area that we once wwre but we r still freaking out.. and then geo and im following him around running errands or smth and he stops and talks to 500 ppl and im carrying buvkets i also fix a mirror but its so hard so i dont...and umm idk so much more but i cant remember not sure if i went lucid in a dream or for real fuvkk but it was for like a 2second thing. i was a little boy in a train station and thwn i looked around and i was like Im in a dream!! and then i flew for like 3 secs i was wearing a red ahirt i know this and then idk what hapened i think i got too excited and lost it