Date: 3/14/2017

By deepa

buster gets in a car accident sort of thing and he does some yelling at some movie producee guy and he goes to the army. and then i end up telling my sister about geo and she a hoe and tells my mother so both of them and i are walking down some street to go look for geo in some office but hes out of town for his birthdsy on the next day and i tell them thst and my mother asks if hes white and i say yes and she wants to hurt me u csn see and she asks if weve held hands and im just trying to get outta there but it was just an ambiguous end. also there was effy and when walking doen the strret we saw a hedge grt lifted up and down and we saw a old lady lifting it up collecting fruits. at some points we assist her with out torchlight and we find Huge fruits like huge mandarin oranges and my sister sees some scsry bug so i book it. the lady also pointd st us into some drain and says look at the mammal but i dont see anything only a dark drain and some insects so i leave her again. another scene with the nus cat and geo and i wanna go pet it but he wants to just go the other direction to get some drinks at the supermarket and im so disapppinted and annoyed. its 4 am now. off i go to sleep again i hope for more dreams and lucidity. so now im awake again at 9am. had a dream that geo had a hiuse party or smth but it was very secret and scary like we were in the basement and someone bad was upstairs and my beer was upstairs its sad i couldnt get it so i had water and evem cheers with watrr even tho someone had whiskey. so the who was there. slightly old but i only remeber pete clearly. and then the cigs came out and the who were like Fuck it and they smoked with us even tho they had been like non smokers for 30yrs or smth and all of us mocked them they were so lovely. and then at some point i askrd for the whiskey cus what the fuvj and i think some mate even went up to get my beer.. its strange cus then i realised oh no she might be in trouble and the beer is actually in geos dorm not this fridge above. anyway pink floyd echoes comes up and im so happy and tommys the music controller i tell him its thr best he listens to the first 30 secs and wants to change it so i tickle him even tho hes a big giant and eventually he still stops the music and says hes turned on. i leave that convo and meet claudia and talk to her about how she might be super fuvked and get kicked out of school if she continues her shit. ee continue talking while i see my aunt there and eyeing me so im glad i wasnt holding a drink incase she complained to my mother. and then somene me and this chick whivh dont seem like claudia at some point drift into some other place and then a rly weird ugly toilet and shes rly upset that i broke her fantasy and im basically there giving her a reality check she hugs me and cries. and then we realise were in a weird place theres an old people bath nearby and a tuition class called lock doors or smth.. and then somehow i lose her and suddenly every shop is closed and noones arounf so i start walking to the exit and then i see a security guard or smth and i panic and run and then it becomes a video game basically with me double tap running to the escalator and im flying for a second or two and then rolling and clicking stuff and then some door opens and i run away and i wake up.