lost in a glitch

Date: 4/19/2017

By deepa

so its a mad dream cant remember all but this one bit where me n hanna? get lost insome other dimwnsion and ppl are shooting at us and hamnas portal gun isnt working and we are freakimg out she sort of sacrifices her lofe in a move to save me but it dont work we both practically die and at some point we r kinda just dead n wondering around i guess and another part with ppl diacussing communism and we had to come up with somg lyrics or movie scenes that described being a communist idk. and there was some joke about donald trump someone was dressed as him and plenty of jokes were made. and then another thing with showering with geo but something smells like a fire outside and when we come out all his mates have gone back to sleep and im sad cus i was looking forward to drinking or smth.. smth else but i forgot.. and then we r at some subway style place where the chick is putting so much mint sauce on my thing and shes in a daze n burning it and mudit.is there n also daydreaming when the server asks what sauce or whatever he wants and basically when the chick realises she burnt my shit shes somehow transforming the grill into a gameshow sort of thing and some ppl from local tv r there and im just sort of like What. i guess the dreaming ends there