Giant Ice Monsters Are No Match For Supply Teachers

Date: 2/21/2017

By TonyDreamer

I'm a supply teacher in a primary school. It is currently playtime and 2016 X Factor finalists 5 After Midnight are performing in the playground in the snow. One of the singers falls into a nearby frozen lake and his band mate jumps in to rescue him. I f suspect the whole thing is a set up to create drama. Suddenly a gigantic ice monster rises from the snow and immediately crushes the band to death. It attempts to kill me by spinning its monstrous tentacles at me but I respond quickly, jumping out of the way and heading back to class. Upon my return I realise that in my absence, another teacher has taken over the lesson and has got the children to construct Lego guitars. Coincidentally I also have a disassembled Lego guitar in my bag and take it out, piecing it together on my own.