Bucking Bronco's, Wee Infections and Lips Like a Clown 🤡

Date: 4/20/2017

By amandalyle

I was in this junk store in the middle of nowhere that was selling all sorts of random crap. I vividly remember seeing a wall of Viking hats and thinking to myself "Mat would love one of those, badboys!" A man then asked me if I wanted to be on tv and I was intrigued. He were doing a reality tv show about people going on date ... a little bit like first dates but slightly different. I got paired with this absolute arsehole of a guy and I spent the entire evening trying to avoid him. I was on a bucking bronco and had to keep holding on if I didn't want to go on the date. It was hard though, about 20 other people clung to the same bull because, likewise, they were also paired with complete knobs. I then walked of the shop and down this lane where I tried to take a decent selfie of myself but failed miserably. Next scene; Mat was driving us home but he almost ran over a guy who was walking in the middle of road. He had a high visibility vest on, so I was surprised he didn't see him. Finally, we got home and there were all these really nice wooden benches in our garden. Mat then turned to me, "I must go in, I have a wee infection!" Next scene; I was working at the hospice, doing a trial run. I had to make tea for the patients but I kept getting weird requests for drinks I had never even heard of. "What's sho-panga-pang?" I asked the other girl on duty (who I recognised to be an old friend, Sophie Langford) "it's just water with sugar, but you have to put the right about of sugar in it!" But when it was time to collect the tea cup, it was barely touched. I felt disappointed. Next scene; Phoebe was lounging on the couch. "Megan's mum has got beef with me, hasn't she? She doesn't like me, or she doesn't like you?" It was supposed to be a question, but phoebe just shrugged and continued to scroll through her phone. "Well, I don't care!" I continued. "Because Megan is a bitch ...and so is her mum!" I ranted. Next scene; I had put an overnight 'anti-ageing' face mask on before bed but when I woke up I had a forehead filled with wrinkles and lips like a clown. I froze in the mirror, horrified by my reflection.