Metallic silver moon boots

Date: 1/18/2017

By amandalyle

I was in London with Mat and we were meant to be hitting the town but, unfortunately, the only thing I packed in my suitcase was this hideous outfit. I slipped into a mini dress with a pair of multicoloured holey tights which I patched together with these weird embellishments - like safety pins with flowers stuck on. "You can't go out like that!" Mat sighed. "What do you mean?" I sighed. "This is my only outfit!" I then pulled on some metallic silver moon boots. "You'll have to change into something else!" He ordered, opening my suitcase to find there was nothing but a beige pair of granny tights. "but I really wanted to go out!" I sobbed. "Perhaps we can go into town and buy a new outfit?" I suggested...but it was too late. The shops were closed.