Digital art 4k scene from a movie: In a world overtaken by a zombie attack, two strangers found themselves trapped in a house, desperate to escape the small gaggle of undead creatures that had invaded their space.

Zombie Attack

Date: 1/25/2019

By blucanary

There was a sort of zombie apocalypse or something. I was in a house with another person (don't know this person, don't know whose house it was). We were sitting in the kitchen when a small - medium sized group of zombies (I'm gonna call them a gaggle. A gaggle of zombies! ) so a small - medium gaggle of zombies busted through the side door (which was in the kitchen, right where we were sitting). We thought the house was secure so it took us by surprise. We got up from the bar stools we were sitting on and ran. The zombies were right on our tail! There was no place for us to go, so we just ran into the first place we came to which was just a closet. The door was like a porch door, where it's a big piece of glass so you can see right through it. We dove into the closet and ducked down right in front of the door (that bottom part that ISNT glass) praying that they wouldn't see us. Our prayers were not answered however, and the zombies were banging on the closet door trying to get in. We knew they would succeed within minutes, if not sooner. Our only chance of survival consisted of us climbing onto the shelves and making our way through the vents. We started climbing and as we reached the top and opened the vent, the zombies got in. They were reaching for us and we had to kick them away. I remember one of the zombies talking to me (lol he was all zombie looking, brownish/green face, chunks of skin missing, eyes clouded over and yellow. Yet he spoke like a regular guy, lol. "Hey, come on, where are you going?!" "Dude! I don't want to be eaten alive!"). When we got out of the vent we were on the side of the house (it was tightly fenced in and the zombies were apparently not an issue here). There were two guys, around 19 - 20 years old. They were building... something. It looked like an above ground pool but it was made with clear acrylic or hard THICK plastic or something, Idk. It was round like a pool, reached about to chest level and was filled with water. However, unlike a pool, it was filled with rocks and coral and fish. There was a cute little black & white kitten nearby who came up to us. He jumped into the water trying to catch a fish. I grabbed him out and held the soaking wet kitten as he stared into the water, unhappy that he didn't catch a fish before I scooped him out. Then suddenly I was in bikini and I got into the water. I just stood in it, holding onto the side, but it looked cool the way I was doing it, lol. I asked the one guy that was standing by me (but outside of the water)/if he (they) had done everything on their own. He said they had. I told him I figured that bc the edges (it was round, so not the edges but rather the top of the acrylic crap or whatever it was) wasn't smooth. It was cut rather roughly and getting into the pool hurt my legs some. They were red and scratchy. The End. YAY! EXCITING!

AI generated interpretation In your dream of a zombie attack, the presence of zombies often represents feelings of fear, anxiety, and overwhelming stress in your waking life. The house symbolizes a sense of security or familiarity that you thought was impenetrable, but the sudden invasion of zombies through the side door reflects unexpected challenges or threats that you may feel ill-prepared to face. The act of running and seeking refuge in a closet signifies your instinctual response to flee or escape from a threatening situation. However, the zombies breaking through the closet door and your subsequent struggle to climb into the vent represent the feeling of being trapped or overwhelmed by these challenges, with no easy way out. The interaction with the talking zombie, who seems oddly human despite its monstrous appearance, could suggest a need to confront and communicate with the fears or negative aspects of yourself or your situation. The zombies' persistence in reaching for you may mirror feelings of being pursued or haunted by these fears. The scene with the two young men building the pool-like structure could symbolize a sense of creation or transformation amidst chaos or adversity. The presence of the kitten, attempting to catch fish in the water filled with rocks and coral, may represent innocence or curiosity in the midst of danger or uncertainty. Your decision to get into the water in a bikini and the discomfort you feel from the rough edges of the pool suggest a willingness to confront and adapt to challenging circumstances, even if it causes some discomfort or pain. Overall, this dream may reflect your subconscious processing of feelings of vulnerability, the need to find safety and escape, and the desire to find moments of peace or beauty amidst chaos and adversity in your waking life. It may also indicate a readiness to face challenges head-on, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone or enduring temporary discomfort.