Reckless Driving and a Time Machine

Date: 7/26/2017

By amandalyle

My friend kylie was driving my car really erratically. She hadn't passed her driving test and didn't know how to drive and, yet, I allowed her behind the wheel of my beloved Kia Venga! Yelp! She was driving dangerously down the hills of the mountain tops and I was gripping onto my seat for dear life. At one point, she put a sleeping mask over her eyes 'for a joke' and I went absolutely ballistic. "You're going to kill us!" I yelled, pulling the mask from off of her eyes. Next scene; There was this game on this old skool Apple computer, at the library, that could transport you back in time (A time machine, if you will) no one was aware of its special powers, but one day I had sussed it out, when I had travelled 20 years back in time. I had met the guy sat next to me, 20 years ago, and he was dashingly handsome. A far cry from the bald 'middle-aged' man... who was most likely chatting up young girls on some seedy teen chat room. *shudder*