The Boy w/ a Matchstick Penis

Date: 8/28/2019

By blucanary

~Cute young boy (I was young in the dream as well - we were around 12-ish. I was a very mature 12 though). Let's call the boy Connor. It seems like that might have been his name. Tiny tiny penis though. Like 3 matchsticks stuck together. I dont remember how I came to see it (if I walked in on him changing or if he just whipped it out or what, but I do remember the image of him standing there in my dream, completely naked w/ nothing on except his shorts and underwear hanging around his ankles). ~Another young girl was a part of the dream. Thick shoulder length black hair. Had bitch-face. She looked like a Veronica. She wanted Connor but was w another boy, Connors friend. Actually, I think she just wanted every boy to pay attention to her. She didnt like that I had Connors attention. Her boy had a BIG penis. I remember thinking she was lucky to be so pretty & hv any guy she wanted and now she even gets the boy w/ the big penis. ~I remember sleeping in Connors room one night. I was staying at his place. It was big, w/ a lot of different ppl staying there. We snuggled and fell asleep. The next morning we woke up together and started making out. That's when we decided to try to "do it". He got up to close the door, but instead of closing it completely, he left the door open a crack. I said "NO! CLOSE IT ALL THE WAY AND LOCK IT!!!" He said if he closed it all the way his family wd be suspicious. I was giving him a look (you know, like "freaking lock the door or you're not getting any" sort of look) So he closed the door, then begrudgingly locked it. He then jumped into bed. Moments after jumping into bed however (just as we were starting to "do it") his mom began knocking on the door "time to get up and get ready for school! I made pancakes!" He must not have really locked the door bc she then opened it. She stood in the doorway, plate of pancakes in hand and a half-smile on her face (like she knew she had prevented her precious son from doing the "nasty deed", lol). She was just a little plump, w/ a long black skirt (old fashioned) and a white lacy apron covering most of her top and some of the skirt as well. She was wearing heels and her chin-length blonde hair flipped up at the bottom (again, very old-fashioned). ~ We got up, Connor getting ready for school and leaving, and me getting dressed and crawling out one of the large windows in the house. I walked along what was a sort of, not really balcony, but kinda a balcony, screw it, it's too difficult to explain. It looked kinda like a balcony and an open roof combined. I walked past another young man of Mexican descent.He sat in the window itself, one leg pulled up, smoking a cigarette. My hair blowing in the wind I contemplated just running away.

AI generated interpretation This dream seems to be highly symbolic and may reflect various aspects of your subconscious mind and underlying emotions. The boy with a matchstick penis, Connor, may represent feelings of inadequacy or insecurity in some aspect of your life. The small size of his genitalia could symbolize a fear of not measuring up to certain standards or expectations. The fact that you were also young in the dream and considered yourself mature at that age suggests a desire for growth and development, but also a sense of self-awareness and introspection. The presence of the girl, Veronica, who is portrayed as confident and seeking attention from multiple boys, could represent feelings of jealousy or comparison with others. You may be struggling with issues of self-worth or desirability, particularly in relation to external appearances or perceived strengths and weaknesses. The intimate moments with Connor in his room and the failed attempt to engage in sexual activity could symbolize a desire for intimacy and connection, but also obstacles or interruptions hindering fulfillment of these desires. The interference by Connor's mother at a crucial moment may reflect feelings of guilt, shame, or a sense of being caught in a compromising situation in your waking life. The imagery of the house with multiple people staying in it, including the man of Mexican descent smoking a cigarette, and the balcony-like structure, may symbolize a sense of chaos, diversity, and contemplation. The thought of running away at the end of the dream suggests a desire for escape or avoidance of difficult situations or emotions. Overall, this dream may be reflecting underlying feelings of vulnerability, insecurity, jealousy, desire for intimacy, and a need for self-discovery and escape. It may be helpful to reflect on these themes and explore how they resonate with your waking life experiences and emotions. Working with a therapist or counselor could also provide further insights and support in understanding and processing these complex feelings.